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Household appliance technology

As experts in the field of “white goods”, it is particularly important to us to advise you extensively and professionally. Our trained staff will respond to your individual wishes and suggestions. For example, a large family with many children needs a larger washing machine than a single household.

We will gladly and competently answer any questions you may have about your household appliance. Of course, we will also explain the various functions of your product and provide you with appropriate care tips.

When purchasing our household appliances, we pay special attention to environmentally friendly products. Not only the energy consumption plays an important role, but also the longevity of an appliance.

  • Household appliances
  • Repair
  • Our own customer service department

We attach great importance to competent and individual customer advice. Our trained staff, with their many years of experience, will provide you with professional advice on all questions relating to household appliances.

Our customer service will also assist you on site if you have any questions or problems.

In addition to standard household appliances, you can also obtain products that are not available in the free trade from our specialist dealer. The range of our appliances extends from exclusive household appliances to low-cost alternatives.

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